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How an end of year gift can help to forge your strong relationship for 2018

As the end of 2017 approaches, many will be wondering if end of year gifts to customers are worth the expense.
Can they really lead to sales growth in the new year? Personalised GiftsTo help you decide, we've put together some points below.


Whether you prefer to call them Christmas gifts of Thankyou gifts, something arriving unexpectedly at your client's office by courier, or hand delivered by a company representative, can help keep you front of mind. 74% of people have at least one promotional product in their offices*, so if your competitors are giving branded gifts, can you really afford not to?


Now, more than ever, there are gifts to suit all industries and clients. Many companies give items they feel represent their own brand and culture. It is importnat to ensure that your choice of gift does not conflict with your brand values. Consider a brand synonymous with technology, using taglines about paper being a thing of the past. A gift of a paper journal or diary just doesn't make sense, but a powerbank or bluetooth speaker will reinforce the tech message and be a useful addition to the recipient's office or home. Remember that the quality of your gift will be a reflection on your brand, so saving a few dollars by sending a poorly made gift could potentially cost you more in the long run.


Others try to give items that speak to the individual, showing that they have built a relationship where they know their client's interests and lifestyle. This says, 'I really listen to what matters to you,' and that can be a powerful message that sets you ahead of competitors. Perhaps a tee holder and balls for the golf enthusiast, a neck pillow or luggage for the regular traveller. Even a blanket for someone who jokes that they wish they could sleep through Christmas!


This year, why not go one step further and look at personalisation of gifts such as compendiums and drinkware? In fact, just about anything can be personalised and this makes a real statement about the value of this individual client to you. But beware: a misspelt name will have the opposite effect!


We hope these points have provided food for thought as you plan for your end of year gifting. Above all, always stay true to your brand and ensure that you monitor responses to your gifts so you can learn what works to plan for future campaigns.


*The Australasian Promotional Product Association, Industry Statistics 2016.


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Promote now to build your 2018 Sales Pipeline

The value in sending Propsecting & Nurturing Gifts now, not later

 Silicon Writsbands


A promotional gift can be a great way to introduce your product or service to a prospect, to remind inactive customers that you want to hear from them, or to thank a first-time customer for their order and encourage them to return.



Research shows that 83% of recipients are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional gift.* But high impact does not necessarily need to be at a high price point.


If you are struggling to decide on promotional merchandise that sends the right message and will achieve the desired return on investment, there are two key things to remember.


1. Make it useful.  76.4% of respondents keep promotional products that are useful.When something you have had branded is kept, your brand stands a much higher chance of being recelled when a need for your product or service arises. Additionally, others in the home or office will start to recognise your logo and name as familiar.


2. Make it memorable. When we see something clever, unusual or just plain funny, we remember it. If your promotional merchandise is unique or cleverly matched to your brand, product or service, then it will be remembered and, better still, talked about with others! Have an idea in mind but can't find merchandise to suit? Just about anything can be sourced or manufactured if you do your homework and find the right supplier.


Remember to make the most of this marketing exercise. Think carefully about your branding (product colour, logo positioning). Add a business card, include a call to action. Try to follow up with a call to make sure the gift was received and take this time to see what opportunitites there may be in the new year. 


If your sales team can secure meetings now, you might have the jump on competitors. What a great way to start 2018! Be sure to keep track of the return on your investment using our ROI calculator (*to be created and linked) and decide whether to change your merchandise for variety or stick with what has worked.


*Promotional Products Association International, PPAI Research, 2017

#The Australasian Promotional Product Association, Industry Statistics, 2016


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